Jaakko Eino Kalevi, a Finnish psych-pop musician, is among the major headlines of this year’s Velvet Festival on Island Krk, Croatia. Kalevi is currently working on new songs for his upcoming album, which we will have the opportunity to hear live soon in Punat, Krk. What has Jaakko revealed to us about the new album, collaborations, where he’s currently – read in an interview.

Jaakko Eino Kalevi is a Finnish musician and has been announced as headliner for this year’s Velvet Festival. Romantic and melancholy melodies painted in a spectrum of pastel shades make up a collection of colorful songs where modern pop jewels glitter in a beautiful place, where all this happens at a different time, where nature and technology live together in harmony. The album “Jaakko Eino Kalevi” was nominated for the Nordic Music Awards last year, together with performers such as Björk or Jenny Hval. This year’s edition of the Velvet Festival begins on the 13th and lasts until August 16th. You can read below what Jaakko told us about his beginnings, projects, plans and Velvet Festival that we are looking forward to this year.

Hi Jaakko, how’s it going?

It´s good! Right now I´m in Berlin and we had a little barbeque today in the park. So nice!

Your music is very unique, as well as the whole style. Where do you find inspiration, how did your music adventure begin? Who are the other members on your live performances?

My musical adventure started in 1995 when I started to play guitar and we formed a metal band
called “Masterpiece”. I was 11 years old and Wayne´s World film, Aerosmith, Guns´n Roses and
bands like that were a big inspiration. Since then I´ve expanded my views though. When I play
live I usually play with just a drummer but sometimes I have another singer with me. At the
Velvet Festival it´s going to be a 3 piece band.

How would you present your work and music in three words? How many things have changed for you since you moved into the music industry?

Fun, Specific and Boulevard. I would say that 15 things have been changed.

Any music video you create is unique in its own way, where do you draw ideas? How do the shooting days look like?

Depends very much really but for example the video for “Deeper Shadows” we shot in London in
just one day in the director Charlotte Rutherford´s apartment and in the surroundings. We
started very early in the morning and finished late and there was a lot of waiting. For me it was
very easy because she seemed to know what to do all the time. There was so many people
running around all the time.

Do you like the smaller, more intimate performances or the bigger ones, the festivals?

I think the smaller ones are more risky. Sometimes you might get nervous and then it´s kind of
intimidating when people are so close. In the bigger venues you don´t necessarily even see the

I’ve noticed on social networks that you can be found on DJstands. Which tapes and music do you play on those occasions?

It depends really much. I think I enjoy a bar situation the most when there you can play
whatever and people are not after that straight dance music.

You also have a project called “Man Duo” made by you and your friend LongSam.
Soon you’re releasing a new album named “Orbit”. Can you please introduce us to the project and tell us how the recording was taking place?

We have been making music with LongSam for a long time. We released our first record in 2001
and we´ve done one album before this but now we changed the name to “Man Duo“. I would say
it´s more electronic than my stuff. I highly recommend to get familiar with it.

Last year, you were awarded as the second winner of the European Border Breakers (EBBA) Awards for emerging musicians. What did you gain from this experience and has anything changed in your life and career afterwards?

To be honest I didn´t really know about that award before I got it. It feels nice of course but it´s
hard to say if it has changed anything. Maybe if I would apply some grants it would be helpful.

In April this year you had a tour in Japan. Are you satisfied? What are your thoughts of the audience there?

It wasn’t really a tour. I went to stay there for a month and then I played some shows on the side.
They were very small places and a very nice vibes.

You’re headlining at this year’s Velvet Festival, what are you preparing for the audience? Is this your first arrival/gig in Croatia?

This will be my first time in Croatia and I’m looking forward to it very much! We are going to
play the most special set possible! Expecting fun times!

What would you say to the visitors and our readers who are eagerly awaiting the Velvet festival?

I would like to say Hi and also would like to encourage everyone to seek and do only those things
that lead to your real destiny.

Plans after? Where we can see and listen to your music?

Now we have a lot of Man Duo action going on and Im working on the new album now and you
can expect it coming out as soon as possible! Things are happening!

Once again, thank you for your time! We wish you all the luck of continuing a successful career.

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